Make a social impact

Integration program Business Lead 2018

The objective of the integration program Business Lead  is to introduce and integrate educated refugees and immigrants into Finnish work life and society. The program has mutual benefits for all parties involved and consists of live and virtual learning, mentoring and a 2-month unpaid internship in a company in Finland.


What you get

  • Increased diversity and cultural awareness in your organisation (internship)
  • Your company can acquire new innovative know-how (internship)
  • New international talent  (internship)
  • Display corporate social responsibility
  • Visibility as company partner in program presentations in Finland and abroad 


About the internship

  • Your company can take on 1 or more interns for the period of two months
  • The location for the internship should be in the Uusimaa region
  • The internship periods will take place during autumn 2018
  • The internship is unpaid
  • The interns speak English, possibly a little or no Finnish or Swedish
  • Participants have previous work experience from a broad range of fields and we do our best to match intern backgrounds with those of the partners companies


How your company can join

  • By offering one or more internship positions at your company in the Uusimaa region
  • By contributing to the program fee enabling us to run the Business Lead Program (min. €5000)
  • By doing both


Through participating in the program, educated refugees and immigrants can quickly contribute to Finnish business and advance their career. Let's collaborate through our unique integration program Business Lead 2018 and contribute to these goals.


Please register your participation below by 25 May 2018.

For more information contact

Johanna Korpia

Business Director

+358 400 240 946