Become a Business Lead 2019 company partner

Hanken & SSE offers forerunner companies the opportunity to offer one or more unpaid internship positions in the Uusimaa region as part of integration program Business Lead 2019.  

The internship period runs for 3-months.


What is Business Lead?

Business Lead is a fast-track for unemployed academically educated refugees and immigrants into Finnish work life by combining education, mentoring and a 3-month unpaid internship in a company in Finland. The program benefits all parties involved. It helps companies find new international talent, explore new commercial opportunities and markets and get an outside-in view on your business. In addition, it is a unique opportunity to make a difference, it is CSR in action. Since the beginning, 150 participants and 110 companies have enabled the program.


Who are the participants?

See the video below



Who are the company partners?

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Practical information about the internship here.


For more information contact

Johanna Korpia

Business Director

+358 400 240 946